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I am a dedicated family man - married with three great children. I am a relatively active person. Amongst other things, I run, gym, play golf, and I have spent over twenty years practicing and teaching Jujitsu.

Lee Davies
Lee Davies MSMA VTCT level 4
Sports and Remedial Massage Practitioner

During my time at Jujitsu, I have received many minor injuries and seen many worse, but my biggest problem was my lower back. Every now and then, it would seize up on me, leaving me immobile for a couple of weeks at least, and in a lot of pain for a good while beyond that. After trying many treatments I found that a combination of acupuncture and sports massage really did the job, drastically decreasing my pain and speeding up my recovery - so started my interest in sports massage.

I found that my knowledge gained, and years of manipulation of other people’s bodies at Jujitsu actually helped me greatly in my application of sports massage. The only difference is that now I am helping people instead of hurting them!

I have treated all sorts of people, with all sorts of conditions, from a wide range of ages, from all sorts of backgrounds; cyclists, runners, footballers, swimmers, golfers, dancers and too many others to mention.

I have been lucky enough to be able to spend time with the Warrington Wolves rugby league team’s physio department where I spent a lot of time massaging national and international rugby players. I have treated the National British Jujitsu champion and ultra-runner Phil Rhodes, who has completed the infamous Sahara marathon - one hundred and fifty miles in six days! I also treat my mate Neil, a cyclist who swears I cured his sciatica!

I love that I have a career where I can help people and get immediate feedback, and I plan to carry on for as long as I can.


Client Phil Rhodes"Having treatments with Lee has helped me recover from injuries and niggles quickly, and helped me to get the most from my training sessions. Lee took the time to note specific areas for treatment and focused on those. He didn't waste time on non problematic areas.

"The treatment gave me more confidence in my training and made me more positive before competition that any weaknesses had been addressed.

"This I feel helped me win the British Ju-jitsu championships. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lee to friends, family or students".

Phil Rhodes
British National Ju-Jitsu Champion 2011

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